August, 01, 2011

Meet the 7LifeLanguages!

The Mover Life Language - direct, assertive, ambitious, pioneering, reactive, and standard bearers

Movers tend to be proactive people who act before thinking or feeling. They are risk-takers, action oriented, honest, and frank. They usually have high energy and are concerned with the motives of self and others. Time seems to pass slowly for Movers when there is no activity and they may loose track of time when active. They can be demanding, critical, and judgmental. Usually, they are entrepreneurial and may frequently change jobs.

The Doer Life Language

Doers tend to be action-oriented, now-oriented, good maintainers, and very responsive to what is happening. They spend little time on personal introspection and look to meeting practical needs. They are very time conscious. They can be compulsive, perfectionistic, ritualistic, and martyred. High Doers tend to do what is necessary to be successful.

Influencer Life Language

Influencers tend to be highly verbal, encouraging, enthusiastic, innovative, people-oriented, future-oriented, solution focused, and not necessarily controlled by time. They may tend to exaggerate and manipulate. High Influencers are natural cheerleaders and networkers.

Responder Life Language

Responders tend to be feeling-oriented, creative, sympathetic, affectionate, people-oriented, and not controlled by time or schedules. They may tend to blame themselves and others. They can become overly emotional at times. High Responders desire to help and relieve the emotional pain of others.

Shaper Life Language

Shapers tend to be concerned about results and will sacrifice short-range gratification or relationships for long-range-goals. They may over-delegate, drive self and others, or withdraw. High Shapers like to delegate. They are time-conscious, quality-conscious, structure-conscious, and often patient in accomplishing goals.

Producer Life Language

These people tend to be excellent money managers, event planners, gracious, and hospitable. They usually have good verbal skills, operate from a position of sufficiency, and are time-conscious. They can be controlling and demanding, but subtle. High Producers tend to retire with financial dignity.

Contemplator Life Language

Contemplators rely on reasoning, logic, and process orientation. They are loyal, good listeners, and thorough researchers. They tend to think before doing anything. They are not overly time conscious and often are mentally preoccupied. They tend to have unique spatial needs. They may be passive – aggressive when wronged. High Contemplators generally have very high IQ’s.

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