October, 14, 2011

Does your administrative team look good naked?

Shock value aside, if your perspective or current clients were to see the inner workings of your team’s functionality and communication would it inspire confidence or would it have them heading for the door?

Does it make you think?

Excellent products, good customer service, brilliant marketing, and strong financials can only go so far in building strong businesses.  Like a heart pumping blood throughout the body your employees are the lifeblood of your organization.  A critical foundation to success is effective communication within your team.  The 7Life Languages are an incredible tool to enable your organization to function at peak levels internally by understanding themselves better, knowing how to ask for what they need, understanding other members of the team, knowing how to communicate more effectively with each other, and having tools for diffusing conflict before it even begins.

The plan?  Give your team tools for great communication in a fun and highly effective way!

We’ll run an individual profile for each member, have an in depth discussion of what the information means, answer those tough communication questions, and do a group analysis to discover your team’s strengths and areas of challenge.

Contact me today to find out more communication strategies for strong corporate culture.

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