7LifeLanguages for Families and Faith-Based Organizations

The goal of the Life Language Institute headed by Fred and Anna Kendall is to strengthen marriages and families through the three pillars of success: Character, Communication, and Effectiveness.

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How can the 7LifeLanguages TMimpact your personal, family, and church relationships?

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Strengthen Your Congregation Through Christ-Centered Communication
Team Building Workshops and Retreats
Marriage Preparation
Marriage Enrichment Crosstalks
Strengthen Your Family
Youth Groups
College Ministries
Home Groups

Other benefits of incorporating the 7LifeLanguages into your Faith-Based Organization?

Increased effectiveness in church leadership
Effective ministry placement
Greater harmony among families and church members
Stronger Relationships
Individual Character Growth
Greater internal peace
Deeper understanding of personal purpose and destiny
Less turnover in church staff and members

Strengthen Your Congregation Through Christ-centered Communication

Many pastors report that using the 7LifeLanguages™ with their church body has changed their church culture.  As members learn more about themselves, their spouses, families, and the people that surround them there is a growth in community, relationships, communication, and a culture of honor and respect for one another.  The 7LifeLanguages™ celebrates the differences in individuals and the unique way that God has created each one of us while, teaching people how to understand and effectively reach out to those around them.

Strengthen your congregation, administrative, and ministry teams

Team Building Workshops and Retreats

Strong and effective teams begin with clear communication, common goals, mutual respect, and understanding individual strengths.  There is no such thing as a perfect person, but there is such a thing as a perfect team.  Using the 7LifeLanguages™ to develop your team begins by discovering each member’s strengths and communication needs.  This enables each individual to understand other team members better, teaching them productive and efficient communication in each other’s key languages.  Group synergy is activated so that the sum is greater than the parts.  Many pastors report that incorporating the 7Lifelanguages™ into their team building environment has radically reduced conflict, deepened relationships among team members, and created an environment of success.

Great for: Leadership teams, Elders, Ministry Teams, Pastors, Teachers, Administrative Assistants, Home Groups Leaders, and Church Staff.

Marriage Preparation

90% of marital problems and divorce stem from ineffective communication.  Understanding your communication needs and your spouse’s can change the course of your marriage.  An investment of just a few hours in a Life Language™ seminar or consultation can give you the easily applied tools to build a foundation of strong and effective communication, strengthen already resilient marriages, and practically encourage and bolster those that are struggling.  Because of its incredible effectiveness, many churches offer Life Languages™ as part of their premarital counseling classes.  Interested in finding out how easy it is to include them as part of yours?  Contact us!

Life Languages to strengthen marriages and families

Marriage Enrichment Crosstalks

Do you ever feel like your husband or wife is speaking another language?  It’s because they are! If you’re ready to discover what that language is and how you can speak and be understood better, then contact us about discovering your Life Languages™.  Not only can this discovery greatly increase the effectiveness of communication and understanding between the two of you but we can use your profiles to build a Crosstalk™.  Crosstalks™ take both profiles and create a visual diagram that can be used to learn your strengths as a couple, how to function more effectively as a team, and better understand each other.  Many of our clients have said that discovering each other’s Life Languages™ and viewing their Crosstalk™ has revolutionized their marriages, increased their understanding and appreciation for their differences, and decreased conflict.

Strengthen Your Family

Sometimes we look at our family and wonder how it is that the people that we love most in the world can sometimes be the most confusing.  Incorporating the LifeLanguages™ profile into a family event can be lots of fun and an incredible investment into strengthening your family’s individual and collective relationships.  Learning your children’s Life Languages™ can help you to grow their character and individual giftings while fostering a family culture of honor and respect.

Youth Groups

Growing up can be a challenge when much of life is discovered through trial and error.  Teens must learn to deal with changing emotions, bodies, hormones, and life situations in a world that has conflicting plans for their future.  Current statistics show that 3 out of 4 teens will leave the church by the time they reach their 20’s.  Could it be partially because we are not outfitting them with tools for discovering their identities and setting them up for success?  Learning to understand themselves and have language for who they are and what they need is a critical component.  The 7 Life Languages™ gives teens tools to discover more about their identity and what their destiny is in a successful and safe environment which reduces inner conflict.

Great for: Youth Retreats, Lock-in’s, and before Outreaches and Ministry Trips.

College Ministries

Students in college are at a pivotal time in their lives.  They are making decisions about careers, beliefs, marriage, and discovering what they want in life.  The 7 Life Languages™ are an effective tool in helping college students learn more about themselves so that they can be strategic in making educated life decisions that are a perfect fit individually for them.  The 7 Life Languages™ give great insight into what types of careers would align with their own strengths and desires, as well as point out areas that may be potential blind spots.

Home Groups/Small Groups

Looking for a fun but practical activity for your home group?  The 7LifeLanguages™ are an excellent activity for Home Groups of any size.  Learning more about each other and how to speak each other’s languages encourages deeper relationships, safe communication, and character growth.  Learn what your group’s strengths are as a whole and how you can more effectively reach your community.

Ready to Discover your Life LanguagesTM?

Click on the link below to take the Kendall Life Languages Profile™ (KLLP™). This will give you a complete profile of all 7LifeLanguages™ from highest to lowest and tell you much more about your communication preferences.

The KLLP™ is a Communication Analysis tool and not a personality test, skills test, or psychological test. The KLLP™ will help you understand more about yourself and others. You will have an in-depth analysis of your Range, Intensity, Distress Levels, Language Filters, Language Needs, and much more.

When you take the KLLP,™ you will immediately receive a 16-25 page report that you can view or print out that includes your 7LifeLanguages™ Profile, range, intensity, 14 different factors for your Primary and Secondary Life Languages, 14 additional scales information, and more. The cost of the KLLP™ is only US$45.00.

Take your Life Language Profile now!

Take your Life Language Profile now!

Remember your own UserID and password so you can login and view your KLLP™ report anytime.

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